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Issue | 01
Project | 01 Jensen Lane 

We can save our last working Vineyard from becoming another victim of sprawl. To protect our environment, our homes and open space, we should consider using the Lytton Tribal money to save the vineyards as a self sustaining park with a small cultural center. I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Issue | 02
Project | 02 Civic Center/Huerta Gym

The Town Green is not for sale and serves as a center meeting place for our children and adults alike.I suggest we look at all other options for how we use the existing buildings and update them as needed. Many of the functions are no longer in person services, and could be outsourced and work from other locations. The 100m we would borrow to complete the project is not free money and is a cost to the Town to maintain the debt and maintain the new buildings even after the debt was paid off. Let me know what you think!!

"Jeff clearly understands the safety issues of Windsor, and I believe he will work tirelessly to help all the First Responders protect Windsor and keep our families safe" - Sheriff Mark Essick

Issue | 03
Project | 03 Community Safety
In recent years, our first responders have worked tirelessly to effectively protect our community. In order to maximize our town's safety, I'd like to implement more emergency warning technology. For instance, if emergency warnings could be administered via audio systems, every resident would receive the alert immediately. This would ensure effective late night evacuations. Implementing this technology can guarantee warnings for all residents without immediate access to cell phones as well. 
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